Monday, May 07, 2007

the army begins

Emily is gonna have a boy.



Blogger Joe Keatinge said...

Man, I'm going to blog for you since you never freakin' post.

Here goes:

"hello internet! i am Chris French! isn't that so cool?! lol!!!!111 remember buffy?!?! that show was so cool. my favorite was willow. i know, more than buffy even!!! i love girls and magic so thats why she is my best favorite instead of buffy who is a close best favorite but not as much of a best favorite as willow who is the best favorite. i also like hot dogs, roller blades, and high fives of all sorts. low fives are cool too except when someone takes their hand away and makes me feel bad. oh boy i like the environment. it is cool. my favorite environment is a one where trees are. they are cool. trees are probably my best favorite of all plants because there are many different kinds. i could go for pizza. maybe ill do that after i low five some hot babes!!!1143 lol ok"


11:24:00 PM  

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